Tips to combine your garments and not fail in trying

What should I wear? Would it match? How would it look? These are some questions that we make when we are choosing the perfect outfit to look good in any occasion. For that, we would talk about color block, that has become an important trend in the world of fashion, and you can apply it on daily basics

So write down the next hacks and tips and use them in your daily style.

Less is more

This mantra has become an important ally in the fashion trends that will make you look great. Furthermore, However, in the color block combining one, two or even more clothes in a balanced look will allow you to see more sophisticated in your outfits.

Match textures

One of the essential keys of the color block is to assemble sets in tone on tone, which is ideal to combine textures in your clothes. Be sure to choose two or more garments of the same color and that these are of different texture or material so you can wear them perfectly.

Use neutral and opposite colors

There is no better option than to combine these colors perfectly to give a unique touch to your outfit to obtain a good composition and balance to your garments, not only is it about combining just for combining, but in addition, to achieve a good balance, this will make you have a better perspective on the colors you use in your outfit.

Create a perfect combination

To achieve the perfect outfit, matching it with an accessory will give the final touch to your style, for this we recommend combining a bag with your shoes and you will see that it would match perfectly.

Now that you know some tips about this trend, show your best style wherever you go.


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