Andrea more complete than ever | Spring 2020

A new collection has arrived and with it a lot of surprises. New colors and textures to make your days something special.

Our new Spring collection is special because it will have everything you need to highlight your charm with vibrant colors and incredible textures that will be your accomplices to reflect the best of you. The protagonist of this collection it’s you, and what better than to know all the surprises that will make this spring 2020 your favorite season.

Spring 2020 is here

This new collection was created especially so that every woman reflects the sophistication that characterizes her, as well as project the best version of herself. The magic is in all the colors, designs and textures that you´ll live during this new season. You will always look beautiful!

Show off with Andrea Premium

The time has come to know the highlight of the season, this new collection will steal your heart thanks to its Glam Rose effect and its fine details created by Mexican hands. The new exclusive Andrea Premium line is made to win over anyone!

Download your catalogs

Now having your catalogs will be easier and faster, you can download them at no cost to your computer, or mobile device, so you can take them with you anywhere. If you have not tried it yet, we tell you how to do it in our video tutorial. Are you ready to win everything this spring 2020?

Shop Online

Discover how amazing it is to buy from the comfort of your home, and receive the best of the season at your doorstep. Make your purchases online and enjoy the best of the season with exclusive discounts that you will find at

You will be ready to go for everything after knowing what Andrea has for you. Nothing and nobody will stop you to look spectacular!

Without a doubt, the best trends will accompany you throughout the season. It is time to inspire more women to achieve everything they set out to, always looking beautiful and projecting great security wherever they go.

Andrea has it all

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