The joy of life: being satisfied with yourself

We reach a stage where we feel comfortable and satisfied with ourselves and, you know what? It is the best thing that can happen to us in life. Trying new experiences reveal something unique and essential that distinguishes us, we call it personality.

As time passes, we form an essential character by which we leave everything that doesn’t work for us or doesn’t please us. Some examples of this are: set a goal to study abroad, when you are at work and develop an innovative strategy or idea and you decide to tell your boss, or go on a weekend trip to discover new destinations.

In situations like the ones discussed above, we show what we are capable of achieving. The result? Feel satisfied with ourselves.

Did you ever think that reaching this stage of fullness could be complicated? Yes, of course it is, but it’s a matter of bravery and knowing how to appreciate everything we have and what surrounds us. During this stage, you will experience a very diverse series of events, enjoy them even if not all are pleasant, in the end, you will know it was worth it.

If at some point you come to think that it is impossible to reach fullness, just remember that there are quite a few different ways to achieve it, from fostering positive emotions such as self-love, love for your family, friends and / or partner.

Talking about the joy of living may sound very romantic, but it all starts with the choices and decisions we make, reaching fullness at any stage of life, allows us to feel happy and love life.

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