5 things you shouldn’t stop doing for love

Love is one of the most beautiful things we can live, but it is very important that we avoid falling into a toxic relationship and stop being ourselves for fear of losing that person we are in love with.

Take note of this list of things we should never stop doing “for love.”

Dressing as you like

It is important that you always feel good about yourself and if you are in a relationship in which you cannot freely choose what makes you feel more comfortable, beautiful and safe, it is better to say goodbye.

Going out with your friends

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you should abandon your friends, it is healthy that you continue to share moments with those people who are also important in your life. Don’t let your relationship take you away from your friendships!

Use of social media

Social networks keep us in touch with a wide variety of friends and acquaintances, but if in your relationship they are causing a conflict, you should analyze whether there really is trust between you and your partner. You don’t have to stop using your social networks to show your love or in the worst case, provide your password as proof of trust.

Fighting for your dreams

Many times we are so in love that we feel that we cannot separate even for a moment from our partner, but it is important that we don’t miss that trip that we dreamed so much, or that job we always look for, there is only one life! and if it’s your personal growth you should never stop.

Being yourself

It is not healthy to cling something or to someone who does not make you feel confident in being yourself. Remember that being in love does not mean that you  should think alike, each person is different and there must be respect for the way they see each other’s life. No one is like you and that is what makes you special!

Do not forget that in a relationship there are limits, you own your destiny and in your hands is fighting for everything that makes you happy. It is very different to try to negotiate to impose, so if what you want is to have a happy relationship, the best thing is that its authentic and that you respect their individuality.

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