4 bags that will dazzle this year

The handbags are the ideal complement every fashionista needs. Besides being incredibly useful and practical, they give a special touch to your outfit making you look more stylish. If you want to wear the ultra-chic trends of 2019, here are the accessories that will blow everyone away this season.

Itsy Bitsy

These mini bags are useful to pack only the essentials. If you want to enjoy your day or night out, it will work perfectly for you. They are so comfortable and light, that you will be able to carry out your activities without any discomfort. Get ready, and enjoy this wonderful accessory!

Transparent Bags

The transparent bags are catching all the attention this season. This accessory has become the hit of the Street Style, and many fashion lovers have decided to adopt it in their outfit. It looks amazing! Feel free to experience this trend; we are sure it will rule 2019.

Belt Bag

Fashion always finds its way back; in this case, the ‘80s and ‘90s will be featured in the pouch purse. In addition to being particularly comfortable for their size which allows you to carry what you need, they are ideal for traveling. We are sure you will be comfortable and looking fabulous as always.

Saddle Bag

The top brands have selected this iconic bag which was the trend in the 2000s. It features a short but very wide strip with decorations which gives a style between the equestrian and the hippie. The Parisian influencers have adopted this categorical accessory giving them a very original and fashionable touch. Get ready to revolutionize your outfit!

Among the new and old styles of handbags, choose the one that will make you always feel comfortable and stylish.


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