Roar style with animal print

Saying that you should wear animal print is not something new, this pattern is the favorite of many and we want to share some tips to make it look very original. Check out these ideas and make them part of your closet.

Subtle touch

It is not necessary that you wear a huge garment with this pattern to highlight it, you can wear it on collars or scarfs, or one our favorites, wear it in shoes, you will look discreet but trendy.

Mix of textures

Wearing animal print doesn’t mean that the rest of your garments should be one hundred percent sober, we recommend balancing textures with a pattern, for example, a plain colored garment matches perfectly.

Full color

We are used to that the animal print for excellence is the classic leopard brown with black, break the rules and bet to show it in red or blue tones; You can match them with a jacket or leather pants according to the part of the body where you have the print.

Double Print

It is valid to mix animal print, but it is important that you consider that if you use it in the upper part, all the garments and/or accessories should be concentrated with this touch, otherwise it would look more like a uniform.

Whatever your choice, we are sure that you will succeed with this print so categorical and sophisticated.


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