7 hacks to develop creativity

Having good ideas is not an attribute that only a few are born with, all human beings are capable of being creative. Seen in a certain way, creativity is like a muscle that has to be worked on. We recommend you follow the following hacks to have a more active and creative mind.

Write down your ideas

If you want to develop your creativity, always carry with you a notebook and a pen to write down all the ideas that you can think of. Or, if you are not a fan of the notebooks, you can use the notes of your cell phone. IMPORTANT: Do not discard the bad ideas; you don’t know when they might be useful


Lack of sleep kills creativity. When sleeping, the level of stress is reduced and the access to the information of the subconscious is facilitated, which generates new connections of ideas. A rested mind is a more productive one


Reading is an important element to the development of creativity. A study by the University of Toronto states that reading fiction fosters creativity in our brain. There are books for all tastes and in thousands of presentations, so there’s no excuse. We recommend you read at least half an hour a day

Go outside

Going out, even if it’s just going around the block, can help to clear the mind and absorb new ideas. Disconnecting from the routine can give you new ideas. If you have the possibility of going out with friends or even giving yourself a getaway weekend, would help your brain to be filled with new ideas and perspectives.

Coloring books

You can find them anywhere and they are not just for children. Coloring books can help you to disconnect and awaken that creative spark in you.

Less is more

Has it happened to you that you spend a lot of time thinking about a project? And this ends up becoming entangled and incomprehensible. Sometimes less is more, make your idea as simple and intuitive as possible, your users, readers or consumers will value it.

Stay away from the screens

Finally, there is no doubt that technology has many advantages. But the truth is that it can consume our attention and that we are bombarded with notifications and an overload of information every day. We recommend that from time to time you take distance from your mobile devices and that you give your brain a break.


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