5 Tips to have the coolest Instagram photos

Would you like to add a more sophisticated style to your Instagram? If you are the kind of person who takes time to edit a picture to ensure it is the coolest before uploading them, the following tips will help you give it a more natural, beautiful and classy touch. Get your dream picture with the following tricks.

1.-Lighting is essential

Stop worrying about adjusting your camera settings to get a good picture. If your photo looks too dark or too oversaturated, adjust the white light and that’s it! You’ll get better results.

2.-Portrait or Landscape?

If you want to highlight your outfit, our recommendation is to take a portrait picture. That way you can get a better angle which will allow appreciating the details of your look. With the landscape format, you can play with different perspectives and highlight the central objects. It is the perfect option for landscape photography.


The key: moderation. Today, there are thousands of apps that help reduce the intensity of the filters providing the special component you wish. We recommend using them only to highlight the most important element in the photo, and improve the balance of light. Ideally, it should look as natural as possible.


Have you ever experienced a blurry photo, or one with more background noise than expected? Don’t worry! Most apps already have grids that help you get the perfect tilt adjustment, and select your favorite part of the picture with the cropping tool.

5.-Black & White

More than with color photographs. If you have issues trying to fix a picture, we recommend you use this wonderful filter. You will achieve a chic style in seconds. This trick is one of the most flattering of all. Using the black and white effect, you will project much.

Now that you know the best tricks, don’t hesitate to practice the next time you have a photoshoot for your profile photo.

Are you ready to top up your Instagram?


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