Taking a break in your relationship: Make it work

“We have to talk” is one of the most feared phrases when you are in a relationship, but maybe not all is lost, there is the possibility that you and your partner have some time to rethink your relationship, we have some tips for you to survive a break.


The first, and most important part of a break, is that there is a commitment to continue together and really take a break to think and to continue contemplating a future as a couple, because, if one of you wants to end it, a break can become counterproductive.

Cut off communication to the minimum necessary

When you are in a break it is important to get completely away from your partner in order to understand your life without this person, and thus, be able to think in a more objective way about your relationship. Not talking by text or constantly stalking his or her social media can help you to give time to find yourself and plan your future, either individually or as a couple.

We know that this is a bit complicated for couples who have children or work in the same place, in these cases we recommend cutting off the communication to a minimum necessary.


The best way to cope with separation, even momentary, is with the help of specialists who will help your partner and you to find a solution to save the relationship and if a break is really what you need

Be honest

Each couple is different, therefore, it is important that before entering a break, you establish the rules that you will follow, if you are allowed to be with other people or not, in addition to deciding who leaves the house, in the case you live together; time with children, expenses, etc.

Communication and following established rules is basic to survive a break.

Many couples survive a break; find what works best for your partner and you.


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