Being single at 30 is awesome

Being single at 30 is not a tragedy and can be the most wonderful thing that happened to you. There are many things that you still have to do and remember that being single is not synonymous with being alone.

Not having a partner by your side can be a fun and exciting experience because you know more about yourself. If you need more reasons to love being single, here we share 5.

You have more time for yourself

Do you want to stay at home all day in pajamas, enjoy a night of Netflix and self-care? You can do it! There is no one to stop you from doing it

You have more financial freedom

Your money is yours to spend and there will be no one to tell you that you should not buy those new shoes, plus you do not have to spend on gifts, dinners or travel with a partner and you can invest all your money in whatever you want. Maybe this is the perfect time to start your own business.

You have more time for your friends

Travel, coffee, and so on; you can do it with your best friends. Being single does not mean being alone. At 30 you and your friends already have a job and can afford to go to the beach (or wherever you want) on vacation all together and have fun without having a partner.

There’s nothing wrong with you

Sandra Bullock is single and there is no one cooler than her. You don’t need a partner by your side to be amazing. There is nothing wrong with enjoying being single or not wanting to get married right now.

The best is yet to come

Times have changed before 20 was the age to enjoy life without compromises. Now it’s 30!

Love is not something that should be pressed, the ideal person for you will come when you are ready. Be patient and enjoy all the time you have for yourself and don’t be pressured to have a partner right now

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