Why reading is good for you

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” — Dr. Seuss

We know it, starting a book can be a difficult task, let alone finishing one. Reading takes time and concentration, two of the most difficult things to do with our daily routine.

In our busy life, quick reads like Facebook status or Instagram captions, and maybe one or two snackable articles may be the only reading we have the energy to do.

But did you know that reading is actually really good for you? If you don’t believe us here are 3 reasons why reading is an activity you should do.

Strengthens the brain

Just like any other muscle in the body, the brain requires exercise to keep it strong and healthy; reading, doing puzzles and using your brain can be a way to exercise this muscle. Also, studies show that reading decreases mental decline by 32% and increases your short-term memory and recall capabilities.

Improves your health

Did you know that reading can reduce stress by around 68%? Reading is a great way to escape from the echo chamber of our minds. Furthermore, to read a real book before going to bed helps you relax more than being on your phone on in front of any screen.

Also, if you read often you are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s as the act of reading is found to be helpful with cognitive stimulation.

Helps in real life

By reading you can build empathy by awakening awareness, broadening perspectives, and expanding imagination, you can identify with characters and their lives, helping you to solve problems faster and in a different way than you’ll normally do.

In addition, exposure to vocabulary through reading nor only leads to a higher score on reading tests, but also higher scores on general test of intelligence for children. And an improvement in intelligent through adulthood.

So, now you know, reading is good for you in so many ways, so go and pick up that book that is just dusting on your bookshelf and submerge yourself in a new world.

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