Tips to have an eco-friendly exercise routine

Did you know that you can work-out and be eco-friendly? Yes, it’s possible! Here are some examples that will help you transform your routine in a more sustainable way. You will see that it is possible to improve your quality of life! Take note

Reusable bottles

When you go for a run or to the gym, instead of buying plastic bottles, you can bring your own reusable bottle, you will see that this way you will reduce your impact of waste to the planet and, at the same time, save more money. Remember, don’t forget to say “no” to plastic and disposable products.

Outdoor rutines

Exercising outdoor will always be a good idea since gym machines spend a lot of energy, for example, a treadmill. To do this, you can start with your routine in the park, you will have a better concentration!, since, in addition to exercising, you will have a better connection body and mind.

Take your backpack with you

It’s possible? of course! If after running you choose to go to the gym, in your backpack you can store whatever you need for your workout. Remember, this doesn’t mean you will sacrificing your style.

Organic and home-made diet

Eating healthy complements your exercise, so changing your habits involve both aspects. Whether organic or bulk products, this will always be a good option, since they are fresh foods without chemical processes. Make your diet home-made.

A sustainable diet will always be a good option to improve your quality of life, you will see that that way you will have a better connection body and mind. Also, being friendly with the environment would help the planet and improve all our lives.

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