How to do the home office without being distracted

Working from home is the most comfortable and practical new trend that many companies are adopting. You don’t have to spend time in trafic and you can be in real-time contact with your workmates. Although it sounds incredible, sometimes distractors can be a great challenge to take advantage of your productivity.

In this article, we share basic tips so that your efficiency does not decline while doing home office.

Assign a workplace

Even though you are in your own home, it is important that you allocate a well-organized and spacious space, where you have everything you need at hand: telephone, documents, a good wi-fi connection. You don’t want to work where you are going to rest, avoid the sofa or your bed.

Set daily goals

Home office offers us the opportunity to establish our schedules and delivery times: Take advantage of it! Finish your work and define what pace you will follow. The most important thing is to respect the routine, without working more or less.

Avoid distractions

When working from home it is easy to lose sight of our priorities like work. Once you start your work, avoid talking with family members, playing with pets or taking care of household chores.

Focus only on what you are doing. Also, if possible, try to work on a space where you can be left alone for a couple of hours

Don’t be a slave to your job

Working at home makes it easier to lose sight of the thin line between your periods of activity and rest. Remember to dedicate the necessary time to your personal activities such as sleeping, eating and resting. Working at home is not synonymous with being a slave of your job.

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