Habits that help improve the planet

No matter how small or large our actions are, changing our habits can make a huge difference for the planet. If you want to do your bit and start contributing to help the Earth, take note of the following tips that are sure to improve our lives. Mother Nature will thank us!

Replace plastic with canned goods

Aluminum is recyclable. Next time you go to the supermarket, remember to choose products made of aluminum. Help reduce pollution and get the added benefit of keeping your food fresh longer.


A habit that contributes to change is reuse, as it extends the first life by avoiding the need to spend energy and reducing the need for raw materials. Your contributions to reduce waste can be huge by giving a second use to paper, cardboard, glass jars, plastic jars, textiles, etc.

Eliminates straws

Join the initiative #SinPopote, a campaign that has impacted society achieving great change. #SinPopote prevents the continued production of tons of plastic waste by rejecting the use of plastic straws. It costs nothing and contributes a lot!


Reducing water consumption is the best thing we can do before it’s too late. Today is the perfect day to contribute with small changes, when it comes to bathing, washing dishes, cleaning the house, car, office, and so on. Turn off the faucet when you are not using the water to decrease the time of use. Do not waste this vital liquid.

These actions are not difficult, put them into practice today and let’s take care of our planet.

Together we can make a difference!


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